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Moja lista najlepszych płyt:


Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Seventeen Seconds

The Top
The Head On The Door

Three Imaginary Boys/Boys Don't Cry
Wild Moon Swings
4.13 Dream
The Cure
Japanese Whispers

Moja lista najlepszych utworów (po jednym z każdej płyty):

The Funeral Party
A Short Term Effect

Prayers For Rain
The Snakepit
A Forest

Shake Dog Shake
The Last Day Of Summer

Killing An Arab
The Walk

Mój koncert marzeń

  1. Plainsong
  2. The Figurehead
  3. Prayers For Rain
  4. Want
  5. The Last Day Of Summer
  6. The Blood
  7. Trust
  8. Sirensong
  9. The Kiss
  10. Shake Dog Shake
  11. Apart
  12. In Your House
  13. Birdmad Girl
  14. The Funeral Party
  15. Labyrinth
  16. Like Cockatoos
  17. Fascination Street
  18. The Snakepit
  19. Sinking
  20. Shiver And Shake
  21. Wailing Wall
  22. All Cats Are Grey
  23. A Forest
  24. Bloodflowers
  25. Pornography

  26. Close To Me (Closer Mix)
  27. Lullaby
  28. Just Like Heaven
  29. Friday I'm In Love
  30. The Walk
  31. Boys Don't Cry
  32. Killing An Arab

  33. The Big Hand
  34. Happy The Man
  35. A Few Hours After This
  36. Just One Kiss
  37. Home
  38. It Used To Be Me

  39. Descent
  40. Splintered In Her Head
  41. Siamese Twins
  42. A Short Term Effect
  43. Other Voices
  44. The Drowning Man
  45. Faith